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Top Devices for late 2016 (Android TV Box is a must!)

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n all likelihood, you absolutely love watching television and movies. Who doesn’t nowadays? Of course, the enjoyment you will experience from these forms of entertainment will depend solely on the performance of your home’s entertainment system. There are numerous devices, which can greatly enhance the experience and the most vital will be examined in greater depth below.

Opt For Wide Screen

When attempting to setup the perfect entertainment room, it is essential to choose a wide screen television. Everyone within the room needs to be able to see the television easily, without being forced to move closer. Suffice to say, a 20-inch television won’t cut it. Choosing a television, which is at least 100-inches or wider, is recommended. Alternatively, you may want to consider adding a projector to your arsenal and an android tv box.

Bluetooth Speakers

It is true that television speakers have improved over the years, but they cannot parallel the performance of surround sound speakers. To enhance the audio performance of your entertainment system, you should purchase some great speakers and make sure they’re Bluetooth enabled. The combination will deliver a more dramatic experience, while the Bluetooth connectivity will make your life substantially easier.

Consider A Media Server

It is undoubtedly true that the mass majority of consumers now watch television and movies that they’ve downloaded online. To accommodate this, it is essential to add a media server to your entertainment system. This server will give you the ability to access and stream your downloaded content directly from your server to your television. Be sure to opt for a server with a higher storage capacity, so you won’t have to upgrade in the future.