We discuss the controversial topic of the Dreambox

There has been some controversy over the last few weeks with streaming devices getting headlines in the Irish Times one of Ireland’s leading newspapers. It seems Sky in particular are kicking up a fuss and rightly so over the illegal streaming of their premium TV channels. Until recently it was OK to stream content over the web as long as it was not being stored on the device and/or re-shared. As of now it is illegal to even stream subscription channels over the internet. Another big issue has been sellers on eBay in particular selling what is known as sharing cards. These cards can be used with a range of satellite receivers to get premium channels for free. This of course is also illegal and how the sellers on Ebay are allowed do it is quite strange.

Ebay and Amazon have vowed to crack down on these sellers although I do not see any changes on either market place since that statement. A dreambox is a satellite receiver that can be used with one of these sharing cards but as I said this is illegal and I would recommend against it 100%. The problem is now such a device as the dreambox has a bad name when in fact it was not designed for this purpose. The dreambox was designed to be a satellite receiver which is of course legal as you can receive channels from the UK and Ireland for free as they are free to air channels.

So this has caused some confusion here in recent weeks and as I said the dreambox has a bad reputation now because of this. It is a great bit of kit and I highly recommend it as one of the best free satellite receivers on the market and if you are going to get it make sure you use a reputable seller like Dreambox TV Ireland. There are other rivals such as the Openbox and while these are also good the Zgemma H.2S and dreambox are just a level above as indicated by the price tag.


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